Photographs by Luis Rokeach
The photographs of Luis Rokeach convey movement and have their own life.

According to Luis Rokeach:
Poetry is found in everyday life, in Nature, in the world. Often imperceptible to most of people, poetry reveals itself to the eye of the artist. Poets record it with ink and paper, photographers write it with light. My intent is that each image that I capture tell a story, or in fact, as many stories as people see for themselves. My desire is that the emotions evoked by my photographs become stories colored by the life experiences and the perceptions of the observer

Luis Rokeach was born in Buenos Aires and has lived in different places in the world: Argentina, Israel, Belgium, Denmark, California, and currently lives in Montreal. His vast international experience has provided him with a vision that is universalist and sensitive to diverse cultures. He expresses his creative passion through photography, writing, painting, theatre, dancing, and research. Luis Rokeach has exposed in Tel Aviv, Brussels, Odense, San Diego, and Montreal.