Mozos in New York City

The waiters in Buenos Aires have something special that characterizes them; it is their great professional pride. Their posture, their eyes, their body language, eloquently speak of their pride in doing for years their job "comme il faut". Being a “Mozo” is choosing a lifestyle, it requires devotion; it is a profession in the true sense of the term.
Always attentive to the patron, the “Mozo” will bring the dishes the client desires, whether or not they are on the menu. In addition to waiting, the “Mozo” is sometimes a confidant, sometimes a psychologist, but always discrete. Philosopher, political scientist and economist at times, either through life experience or through his imagination, the “Mozo” always has something to say about everything he knows, and especially about what he does not know.
Traditionally, the profession of “Mozo” was reserved for men of a certain age. However, like everything changes in this world, the profession of “Mozo” is also changing in Argentina. Now, it is not uncommon to see young students working temporarily as waiters, and even young women working as 'Mozos'.
With this series of photographs I want to honor and immortalize the “Mozos” who, in my opinion, are part of the cultural heritage of Argentina.
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