(Contains 8 photos)
Alma de Tango portfolio This series is a representation of the dancing partners, arriving as individuals forming the couple that gradually merges into the music and the dance, to finally melt into the space-time of Tango.
(Contains 16 photos)
Tango, poetry in mouvement portfolio Tango is not only a dance, it is a form of culture and for certain people it is a way of life. Tango is the soul of Buenos Aires. UNESCO recognized Tango as part of the Intangible Heritage of Humanity (2009).
(Contains 21 photos)
Tango by Jimmy and Yukarin portfolio Jimmy (Nara Shojiro) and Yukarin (Okabe Yukari) are fantastic professional Tango dancers and wonderful people that I had the great pleasure of knowing in Buenos Aires. They teach tango in Osaka, Japan.

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